Question: How do I contact Mr X or Ms Y in the XYZ department of Bangkok Post

Answer: Look in the Navigation Bar on the left side of the website under Contacts Go to the Contacts

Question: How do I contact the newspaper about a certain story I’m interested in

Answer: Send us the URL link, example: the date of the story, the exact title of the story and the reason for your request to: Web Master

Question: I have a newspaper subscription problem, such as delivery of the newspaper or I have a new address, or I will be on holiday for 6 weeks, can I stop delivery for that time:

Answer: contact: Tel: 02-616-4444

Question: How do I subscribe to the daily printed news paper

Answer: contact: Tel: 02-616-4444

Question: What is an e-newspaper

Answer: An e-newspaper or electronic newspaper is an electronic version of a printed newspaper that is designed to look and feel like a printed newspaper.

Question: What are the advantages of the Bangkok Post e-newspaper


  • 3 day free trial period
  • Audio listening capability
  • Bookmarking
  • Translation of stories into many languages
  • RSS feed
  • Searchable text

Question: How can I sample the Bangkok Post e-newspaper

Answer: Go to

Question: How do I subscribe to the Bangkok Post e-newspaper

Answer: Go to

Question: How do I stop advertisements covering up Bangkok Post stories on the website.

Answer: Click on the x tab at the bottom or the top in the advert space or the close button

Question: How can I look at past stories

Answer: Stories from the last 30 days go to After 30 days go to

Question: I want to share my thoughts on this or that subject. How can I do that?

Answer: mail to or Bangkok Post Forum at:

Question: Will you have RSS feed of each section separately eg. breaking news, general news, business, and etc.

Answer: Hopefully soon

Question: I am writing to ask permission to LINK to a Bangkok Post article to post on our site.

Answer: We wish to see how you will present the link > on your web page first. Please send the reason and a screenshot to: Web Master

Question: Why don’t I see the XYZ story that I saw in the printed edition of the newspaper on the website.

Answer: The Bangkok Post newspaper features stories - that in addition to our staff writers - from different news agencies such as AP, dpa, Reuters, etc . Typically, a wire service story will have the name of the company from where the story came at the end of article in small print letters. For example NYT or AFP. In some cases the Bangkok Post does not have an agreement to allow these stories to appear on the website.

Question: I want to work at the Bangkok Post. Who do I contact?

Answer: contact: Tel: 02-616-4000 ext 1821