Choosing cheap Chinese Products over Thai jobs

Re: Choosing cheap Chinese Products over Thai jobs

Postby prajna on Sat Feb 26, 2011 8:07 am

triptrip wrote:
prajna wrote:Unfortunately, Chinese-made merchandize is a synonym of products that are known for being shoddy, unsafe, toxic, prone to recalls, dangerous, faulty, tainted and poorly designed. .

Not exactly true. The computer and keyboard you are using to type your comments are most likely Chinese made. It may be designed and developed in the US or somewhere but definately assembled in China.

iphone, blackberry and what not top notch gadgetry we're using are all Chinese made. The Chinese certainly can have top quality stuffs if they want it. Look at the opening/closing ceremony of Olympics 2008.

I'm guilty as charged for making the overgeneralizing statement. :oops:

My point is that it's up to the importing countries to regulate and enforce safety standards of Chinese products. Another obvious example is toys. I just bought a couple of Chinese toys at 20 baht a pop at the stall in front of the big, busy shopping mall off Lad Praw Road. They didn't last more than a week. These toys will never pass through a U.S. port. Of course, they cost a lot more in Western countries and are of better quality for Western consumers.

Sometimes you get what you pay for.
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Re: Choosing cheap Chinese Products over Thai jobs

Postby johncat1 on Mon Jun 09, 2014 6:47 pm

In this day and age of " Show " People like to show they have the latest Phones etc. but cannot afford the genuine article.
OK the phones are not good quality but they look good and people get bored with them after a short while and want a newer model.
If Thailand and other countries want to compete they will have to look at their methods of production and actually compete.
It is no good whining because someone else can make them cheaper.
Most Thais want something that looks good even if it inferior quality, so they buy cheap.
If it breaks down in a few months who cares ? There will be a new model on the market anyway.
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