Why do ONLY foreigners get special promotion?

RE: RE: Why do ONLY foreigners get special promotion?

Postby a watcher on Sun Feb 10, 2008 10:33 am

It is difficult for a western cultured alien to understand the common personality of ordinary Japanese, and to be worse, Japan and the people have been wrongly introduced to the world by western scholars and, to be funny by Japanese descendants whose ancestors migrated to US in 19 and 20c. In general, their studies are full of mistake or too imaginery products.

I can say there is no racism or racial discremination in modern Japanese society. However there is a rigid value among them, say, distinguishing MEIMOKU and HONNE. The former is external appearance that shall socialize with others including foreigners, and the latter is the internal faith or real desire of an individual. In other's eyes, it is shown as a double-ty or confused personality.
A Japanese ususally form two groups around him, one is formal or open society and other is the group of inner people. When they play golf in a team and if the team is inner cicle people, they used not to invite a lone alien player into their group. However if the team is a gathering of 'international' people, they are friendly and open to anyone. Here their MEIMOKU works well, like paying bill alternatively, in strick golf rule and atiquette by way of carefully chosen conversation. Because the rule of Meimoku is not to disturb others and not loosing own face.

This whole picture is seen by westerners as 'discrimination'.

Also Japanese people is ones who feel easily "shyness" to, especially to westerner because the western culture is advanced and "they may cajole our Nato eating culture". (Nato is deeply fermented soy bean paste, generally emits strong, unacceptable odor. Also the raw fish eating is same.)

Befriending a Japanese is initially difficult but once got it, they are very pleasant people. Getting into the inner circle - Honne group is the matter. Korean and Chinese know this very well and they deal Japanese very well. Also few of them feel they are discriminated by a Japanese. Rather they often cajole clumsy Meimoku protocol Japanese demonstrates.

"You must endure long greeting ceremony when you meet first Japanese business partner" Once CNN reporter reported.
Many Japaneses too laughed at this report.

Today most of internationalized biz people or youngers are same one as found in London.
They are rude, impolite and aggressive, as long as in the eyes of the old generation of Japanese.
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RE: RE: Why do ONLY foreigners get special promotion?

Postby a watcher on Sun Feb 10, 2008 10:36 am

Yes your rate is Khonkaen price that I used to have enjoyed. This 150 baht rate was in Bangkok. Dont forget, Colin that after barber finished but exceptionally combs your hair, it means "leave the balace 20 baht as a tip !".
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RE: RE: Why do ONLY foreigners get special promotion?

Postby Arai on Wed Feb 20, 2008 8:40 pm

Hi all,

Wow! It's interesting to see how you guys are discontent with Thai laws, Thai cultures, particularly, Thai "special" treatments. I assume that you live there, right?

My 'stupid' first thought is why you guys just don't leave the country for the sake of giving Thai people, esp its government a lesson of how important (& glorious) the Farangs' presence is!!! That may sound too radical to boycott the "speicial" treatments you've got but, who know, it may work!!

Just go back to your original country/ies and enjoy your own pleasant culture(s), your far fairer beloved government with no "special" treatment, of course. ;-) And let's see how Thai gov + Thai people with 'special' treatment will do...

Indeed, many Thais (not "all" as I don't want to generalise) see Farangs as pound (or Euro, Dollar,etc) notes with 2 legs. Leave the country and let's see...

Am I too curious? 8-)


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Why do ONLY the corrupt get special promotion?

Postby Leum Laaou on Fri Feb 22, 2008 12:34 am

Robert, well said.

I particularly enjoy reading about the 'special' treatment Thais give farang if they are deemed to have treated a Thai woman badly.
And, the 'special' treatment Thai wives give their farang husbands when they want ALL their money, and what about the 'special' treatment given to the penises of unfaithful husbands?

And as for haircuts prices, Thais struggle to cut farang hair, so think of it as offsetting the defilement incurred by having to touch a lowly farang head. We are scum after all, and have contributed nothing to the world and have no culture. One might go so far as to say we are... special?
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RE: Why do ONLY the corrupt get special promotion?

Postby Robert on Fri Feb 22, 2008 6:21 pm


You have a great sense of humor. Your comment, "And as for haircuts prices, Thais struggle to cut farang hair, so think of it as offsetting the defilement incurred by having to touch a lowly farang head" made me laugh all day..

Best Regards,
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RE: Why do ONLY foreigners get special promotion?

Postby Thai Lady on Thu Feb 28, 2008 4:21 pm

Finally, SET index closed at 842.10 (+10.08) after Taksin came back. One thing i don't like about SET index is that it is so vulnerable as if a woman's mood swing..

However, i still believe in Thai stock market in long term.. tried not to watch the index everyday ':-)
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Re: Why do ONLY foreigners get special promotion?

Postby MekhongKurt on Wed Jan 28, 2009 1:13 pm

Hi, VP --

Since it's been awhile since you posted your comment, I would imagine you've learned that what some of the other contributors here is correct. And quite often there are promotions that specifically state "for Thais only," such as airfare deals and other travel packages, and, about to kick off now, special taxi fares and so on -- but only for Thais.

Then there are those so-called "sales" that catch both foreigners and unwary Thais. I once went to a department store and saw an item I wanted, but I didn't have enough cash with me and had left my ATM card at home. I went back a few days later and was delighted to see a sign saying the item I wanted was on sale for 20% off -- until I got to the place where it was, only to discover the price had been marked up substantially, slashed through, and a new price appearing, one that was, indeed, 20% cheaper than the crossed-out price. I quietly left empty-handed -- and had a Thai friend go ask about it. At first the clerk told her she had to be mistaken, but when she pulled out a flyer we had picked up during our original visit, the clerk sold her the item at the previous, much lower price.

So much for "sales."
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Re: Why do ONLY foreigners get special promotion?

Postby ma91c1an on Wed Jan 28, 2009 9:39 pm

It took me forever to realize that many Thai think that farang are just plain stupid. In too many cases, farang reinforce this impression.

Many Thai believe that if you are too stupid to realize that you are being ripped off, then you deserve to lose your money. It is a Buddhist precept that you are not supposed to accept anything unless it is freely given. Many Thai that I have met interpret this to mean that they can cheat you. As long as you do not realize that you are being cheated, then there is no harm done. I have my doubts about how "Buddhist" many Thai really are, anyway. Buddhism in Thailand is a veneer over far older animism, spiced with a minor salting of Hinduism, all of which is disintegrating under brutal Western materialism and greed. Thai are no longer content to reap rewards in a later life. They want to get paid now, in this life, one way or another. Increasingly, corruption is no longer merely the domain of the wealthy. It is penetrating nearly all strata.

In any case, it is incumbent upon farang who are resident in the Kingdom to conduct themselves with polite firmness. Never be afraid to remind a Thai that you are not Thai. Never be afraid to tell a Thai that the price that they are asking is too high. If you know the "correct" price, pay that price, and not a satang more. If they argue, tell them that you are not Thai, emphasize that you are not stupid, and then simply walk away. While they are smiling that fake Thai smile at you, return it with an expression of stern but mild contempt. Reinforce the statement that you are not Thai. Nothing will happen. The next time that you return to that vendor, you will be charged the Thai price. They will learn that you are not Thai, just as you stated, and they will learn that they have to accommodate you, if they wish to enjoy your business, and that will be that. I strongly advise that you not return that Thai smile. Let them do it all that they like. By replying with controlled anger, when appropriate, you demonstrate for them that you have different options in your behavioral menu of choices. Thai frequently have no idea how to respond to carefully displayed anger. Most of the time, they will simply fold.

If Thai refuse to sell to you at Thai prices, then shop elsewhere. Make certain that they know that you are taking your business to a competitor. In the case of a market vendor, tell them that you would rather go to Villa or to Foodland or to Tops. If you are going to be charged a high price, you will at least shop at a "hi-so" venue. They will have no response for this. If you are debating price with a barber, tell him that you would rather go to a fancy salon and pay a pretty girl who does not know how to cut a man's hair 300 baht than pay him 150 baht for an excellent haircut. It is all about the principle. If the real price is 100 baht for a haircut, then pay him 100 baht, and not a satang more. Simply tell your barber, yet again, that you are not Thai, that you are not stupid, and make it clear that you will not smile stupidly back at him in a ridiculous attempt to be "sympathetic to his culture." If people are stealing from you, do not abet the theft!

In too many cases, farang are their own worst enemies in Thailand. Never pay a taxi driver, for example, for taking you someplace off the meter. If a driver looks at you slyly and says that he will take you to your destination for "song loi baht," get your camera phone, take his photograph, and photograph the number of the taxi. You can find this number on a placard on the car door inside the taxi. You will also see it outside. Also attempt to photograph the taxi license displayed on the left-front of the vehicle on the dashboard. In many cases, the driver will not be the same driver depicted on that license. Then call the tourist police, and file a complaint. If you prefer, simply walk over to the nearest police station and ask the cops on duty there to call a tourist police representative for you. When the tourist cop comes, tell him or her that the driver refused to accept your fare unless he overcharged you. The driver will get jacked up. It is illegal for taxi drivers to do this in Thailand. Do be careful, however. I have had taxi drivers suddenly exit their vehicles when they realized what was happening, and on two occasions they tried to get physical with me. Nonetheless, I consider it important to do these sorts of things, lest the things that make Thailand "Thai," vanish forever. I also consider it important to punish people who cheat. I think that it is unconscionable to simply ignore it, or to hope that "karma takes care of it." We should all of us be agents of karma ourselves, within the ambits and spheres of our own lives.

When Thai are genuinely Thai, they are lovely people. When they are corrupt, as so many of them have learned to be through interaction with farang, they are truly disgusting, loathsome creatures.

We are all of us in control of our worlds, and of our lives. Project what you desire to receive in return, and surely, it will happen.
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Re: Why do ONLY foreigners get special promotion?

Postby thaieye on Thu Jan 29, 2009 4:04 am

Oh dear poor VIP you have stirred up a hornet's nest !

I don't really think that the Thai propensity for charging visitors more than nationals is racist just pure financial opportunism, based on the, now very outdated notion, that all farangs are rich and all Thais poor. Somebody at the Ministry of Screwing It All Up (and every country has one) needs to get an update and outlaw this, one of Thailand's least attractive practices.

The cost of haircuts is just fascinating. In Bangkok, Jomtien and now in Chiang Mai where I live, I have always been charged the advertised price and the delightful young man who currently crops my locks, including a shave a short massage, charges the princely sum of Baht 50, consistently refusing my offer of a baht 20 tip. When I took my three grandsons for their schoolboy scalping at baht 20 per head, he insisted on giving me a group discount and would only accept baht 50. The last haircut I had in London, more than five years ago, after searching for the cheapest I could find cost twelve pounds. Since the barber spent the whole time complaining of how pitifully little he was able to charge, I fairly well felt obliged to leave him the change from the fifteen pounds which I gave him.

Ladies too it seems enjoy these minimal charges since when my sister visited in August. I took her to my chap's wife who operates in a corner of his shop and my sister was stunned by the baht 40 fee for a shampoo and blow dry, the best she had had for many years she claimed. Now in August (oh happy days) baht 40 was about 60 pence and my sister pays 25 pounds in the UK to a lady who lives in her village and works from home.

Well, special treatment for poor old farangs may not always involve being treated like Thais but as Shakespeare observed, "Every like is not the same O Caesar". And let's just be glad it isn't.
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Re: Why do ONLY foreigners get special promotion?

Postby Sean Moran on Thu Jan 29, 2009 11:41 am

Yeah, 50 baht in Thailand for an haircut - 100 baht with a shampoo and that trick they do with that little tug on the earlobes that clears the head. Pricing is terrific. Professionalism is fantastic. It really is a fine art in LoS.

I haven't had the misfortune of having paid for an haircut in Australia since 1996. It takes time for it to grow, but with a little patience and practice, it's not rocket science to cut your own hair. It's just nice to be able to afford to pay somebody more competent than I am to do it. That's one of the novelties I miss about Thailand. :lol:
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