Muslim Prayer Room

Muslim Prayer Room

Postby Steven on Sun Oct 08, 2006 11:29 pm

As an corporate exectuive, with a substantial investment in our Bangkok factories for the past 7 years, I have alwaysbeen confortable with the beautiful culture & people of Thailand. I have found some of the kindest , spiritual sensitive, people on my many trips to Bangkok. On October 4th I was departing from the new airport and retiring in the executive lounge downstairs prior to my flight. I noticed a sign that said, "Muslim Prayer Room". I thought how interesting, they even show respect to all faiths. I want to see the Budist, Jewish, Christen, Bahia, and what other interesting faiths are honored here. To myself and my associates surprise, there is only a Muslim Prayer Room. I felt the same feeling as my associates did almost at the same time that something is wrong here. After talking to several travelers from all points of the world, everyone had the same feeling that they are unconfortable with this display of prejudice. Everyone asked the same question, Are the Thai people afraid of the Muslins? Appers so, by the mere singled out use of a Muslin Prayer room at an International Airport. Some of the travelers were so upset they are rethinking traveling back to Thailand. Myself and my industry group as a whole, we are going to address this issue here in the US and rethink our investments in Thailand, specifically, Bangkok. I am sadden that no one was sensative enough to stop this show of prejudice.
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RE: Muslim Prayer Room

Postby a passer-by on Mon Oct 09, 2006 3:38 pm

Indeed I couldn't catch you up.
Is it prejudice if an airport have the muslim prayer room ?.

Have you seen the world what is going on ?.
Hey, Every international, big name corporates including Exxon has muslim payer room in their Arabian office.

Every international airport have an exclusive compart for the priest, monks or praying place.

Every Thai airport has an exclusive comparts for the same purpose.

If you think it is prejudice, close your seven factories and go to China where still religions are no.
What a clumsy head.
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a passer-by

RE: RE: Muslim Prayer Room

Postby Bernd on Wed Oct 11, 2006 3:48 am

The passer-bye seems to display a sad but unfortunately not so uncommon behaviour. Reading something he doesn't understand (he even admits that) and then complaining and badmouthing the author. Calm down and Write about things you understand.
What Steven is wondering about is just why is there only a Muslim Prayer room and no other praying facility for other religions. Why only for Muslims? Are they the only ones that need such facilities?
Living for a good time in a Buddhist country I have grown flexible and tolerant enough not to react as radically as Steven. My recommendation to Steven: Please calm down a bit; consider the good experiences of you and your businesses in Thailand and ask yourself: Is this airport prayer room issue really important enough to ruin all your business relations in the amazing kingdom?
As an executive myself my answer to that question is very clear: NO!
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RE: Muslim Prayer Room

Postby Glad to leave. on Sat Oct 14, 2006 9:59 pm

Steven ( Oct. 09 ),
I was set and ready to fly to BKK new airport next month for my annual winter breaks. But after reading your thread, I have second thought. All the years of spending my winter in Thailand. The thoughts of air pollution, dirty klongs, congested roads traffics, even the FLOOD ( BKK and many Chang-wads are unindated ) did not dampen my spirit of coming here at all.

For the matter of principle, I'm looking for other places to spend my money. I won't feel bad for not coming to thailand anymore.

So Long Thailand !
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Glad to leave.

RE: RE: Muslim Prayer Room

Postby Rooster on Tue Oct 17, 2006 4:23 am

Dear Executives. When the airport authority building these rooms "Muslims...," they are virtually responding to complain made by Muslims of their religious right. This is exclusively asking for everyone elses to subsidize their Islamic practices. If the airport authority is going to build a pray room, then they need to just have sign for "Pray Room." This would include everyone and every religions. However, Muslims want their privacy and without the infidels in the same room when they are praying to their allah. So Thais and foreigners who are using the airport will have to continue to subsidize these Muslims.
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Sorry ...

Postby usajaarn on Tue Oct 17, 2006 11:29 pm

Dear all,
I am sorry first of all that Thailand is going through its recent issues with the coup, let alone these other issues. To see people willing to part ways with Thailand over these concerns makes me sad, because I love the country and the people, and I have many real ties to the place. I don't want to see it become an isolated, backward moving nation like Myanmar.

With regard to the Muslim prayer room, I am also sorry. While the notion of singling out the noise of the squeaky wheel for oiling is somewhat annoying to those who make no noise, I have no problem with supplying this facility. If Christians and Buddhists want such a room, just make some noise and you will get your way. Threaten to destroy, kill, maim and make a general fuss and people, for better or worse, listen to you.

Most muslims really just want a place to pray and if it is supplied of course they will use it. It is those few bad apples that really give the rest of them a bad name. So I don't begrudge them their prayer room. However, I wouldn't mind having an Agnostic meditation center in the airport... oh wait, they have one... it is called A BAR!!

Peace to you all.
American Ajaarn
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RE: Sorry ...

Postby Rooster on Thu Oct 19, 2006 11:14 pm

The problem with your thinking and other religious fanatics is that someone elses should pay for their religious practices. Do you see airports in Muslim dominated countries having pray rooms for non-Muslims? Thailand is and should be a secular country with freedom of religious practices. Thai government should not get involve and support any religious institutions including financial supports that is one reason Muslims and other foreigners are pushing around everyone elses. If you and others are willing support exclusive "Muslim pray room," than they need to pocket out your own money. Do you know how much it costing tax payers each year to support these rooms?
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necessary or not

Postby G. Grass on Fri Oct 20, 2006 11:42 am

MUST a christian pray at certain times of the day? no...

MUST a buddhist pray at certain times of the day? no...

MUST a muslim pray at certain times of the day? yes...
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G. Grass

RE: RE: Sorry ...

Postby Andrew on Mon Oct 30, 2006 11:46 am

Noooo... how much does it cost? Im waiting with baited breath.
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RE: RE: Sorry ...

Postby Maliwan on Wed Nov 01, 2006 2:56 am

There was a Muslim Prayer Room at the old airport at Don Muang too. I noticed it at Chiangmai Airport as well. So, this arrangement started a few years back. Maybe about the same time as Smoking Room, which is obviously neccessary. I don't feel bothered because in fact, it benefits me not to have smokers smoke freely in the same room as I am. I guess it's the same thing as people who travel with small children, and yes they tend to cry and all that. I don't think they're cute but the parents would normally do their best. (There should be a separate sound proof room for crying children!). I think we give people a break because they have some difficulty. I still travel, because I have to. If it's worthwhile to not travel to Thailand for the principle reason, I guess, so be it! But, like in some of those Seinfeld series, when you boycott something it's more troublesome when you miss it... Please don't stop caring about Thailand and help us make a difference. Right now, I'd like to have a democratic government to look after all Thai people without any discriminations.
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