1. Follow the paper trail

    Phra Dhammachayo walks through police security after hours of questioning at Wat Chanasongkram in relation to embezzlement charges on Aug 25, 1999. (Photo by Somchai Poomlard)

    Official with the Office of the Attorney General vows to find written reasons explaining why charges against Phra Dhammachayo were dropped in 2006.

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  2. Gender quotas in dispute

    Charter drafters discussed quotas for women on elected bodies but their failure to act may have led social activist Thicha Na Nakorn to quit the panel.

  3. Elephant steak extravaganza

    Elephant steak on the menu of a $1-million bash to celebrate the birthday of President Robert Mugabe, as Zimbabwe sinks deeper into poverty.

  4. Pop culture icon passes

    A hero to millions of geeks worldwide for portraying Mr Spock, who made it cool to be smart, Star Trek stalwart Leonard Nimoy has died at 83.

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