Bangkok Bank tops up staff bonuses

The management of Bangkok Bank added another half-month's special payment to its staff on top of the one-month special payment and two months' year-end bonus already agreed.

  • Published: 2/02/2013 at 12:00 AM
  • Newspaper section: breakingnews

It also promised a 1,500-baht monthly salary increase to placate its workers.

However, the labour union will continue holding protests to demand management meet its terms.

The union is pushing for higher pay and greater benefits, including a four-month bonus.

The additional special payment will be made this month, while the salary will be bumped up from March.

Bangkok Bank will also offer a special allowance of 200,000 baht for staff who retired on Dec 31. That payment will be processed in January 2014.

The bank employees previously staged a protest by wearing black after bank executives refused to boost their salary and annual bonus, which have been frozen for four years. Originally, the annual bonus was set at two months.

Bangkok Bank is the country's largest commercial bank, with about 20,000 employees.

Last year, it posted a net profit of 20.3 billion baht.

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