Understanding English verb forms

An easier way of understanding and using the many forms English verbs can take. (English and Thai explanations)

Understanding English verb forms is designed to help learners of English better understand and use the many forms that English verbs can take. For sure, you will find the concepts much easier to understand than what you learned in school. Full of illustrations, the book contains both English and Thai explanations.

Obviously, the book deals with verb tenses, but it also includes other troublesome verb forms, such as passive voice, modal auxiliaries, real and unreal conditionals and the verb forms used in direct and indirect speech. Before long, you will also find  support for the book right on this website, with an increasing collection of short video clips to illustrate the concepts taught in the book.

To buy online, click here: http://bit.ly/cboR5

About the author

Writer: Terry Fredrickson
Position: Education Marketing and Support Manager