Speak English clearly

Learn to speak English clearly with an American or a British accent. Ajarn Terry's latest book is at is in stores nationwide.

Speak English Clearly

By Terry Fredrickson

Terry Fredrickson’s latest book will be on sale for the last day of the Book Fair in the Queen Sirikit Convention Centre on Wednesday. It should be in stores nationwide after the Songkran festival.

1. Learn to pronounce English sounds correctly. The book focuses particularly on the sounds that cause the most difficulty for Thai speakers of English. When you finish, you should be able to pronounce any English word understandably.
2. Learn how sounds change when English is spoken quickly by native speakers.
3. Learn how to read short texts aloud so that you can be easily understood.
4. Both American and British English are covered. It’s your choice which to use.


The accompanying DVD includes both audio and video segments featuring  experienced TV and radio presenters.

The English audio section covers all the pronunciation activities in the book. It features an American English speaker, myself, and two British English speakers, Arglit Boonyai (left) and Patcharee Raksawong, who both grew up in the London area of England.  Both are Channel 11 English news presenters and Patcharee appears on numerous other TV and radio shows as well.

The video section of DVD begins with a discussion featuring Channel 11 news presenters Supada Wijuckchaiwong and Sithidej Mayalart on how Thai sounds are produced and which Thai sounds we can and can’t use in pronouncing English.

I then demonstrate some of the more difficult English sounds. Two learners of English, Raiwin Prateechaivkorn and Puriward Sintopnumchai also appear as they try to master some of these sounds.

Finally, Both Arglit and I appear on the video where we discuss / debate the differences between American and British English.

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Writer: Terry Fredrickson
Position: Education Marketing and Support Manager