Woman faints over water bill

A woman in Udon Thani province says she fainted after getting a water bill for almost 1 million baht.

The Provincial Waterworks Authority (PWA) has admitted the huge bill could be a mistake.

Panpis Srisong, 43, the owner of a house in Kumphawapi district of the province, passed out when she read the bill which told her she owed the PWA 904,853 baht.

Mrs Panpis said she lives in the house with her husband and child and their water bill is normally around 300 baht a month _ 600 baht at most.

On Tuesday morning, Mrs Panpis received her water bill for November and was shocked. She later checked with her neighbours who all said they had normal invoice amounts.

She filed a complaint with the PWA.

PWA district manager Komkrit Sripanya admitted there could be a mistake. There are supposed to be four digits recorded from the water meter, not five as shown on the bill.

He said the PWA is in the process of switching billing service companies and the number was probably incorrectly recorded by a temporary worker.