Woman dies after eating BBQ buffet

A woman died on Thursday after dining at a restaurant serving moo krata, or pork barbeque grilled at the table, a few days ago. A post mortem examination detected signs of a streptococcus bacteria infection. Three other diners were also infected.

A local moo krata buffet restaurant usually offers all-you-can-eat barbecue meat. Appetisers and hot food are also available at the buffet station. (Photo by Anusorn Sakseree)

The morning after visiting the buffet restaurant, the 23-year old female graduate student came down with a headache and mild fever.

She was taken to a hospital where a bacterial infection was found in her blood. The woman fell into a coma and died two days later.  

Surasing Wisarutrat, the deputy head of Chiang Mai Public Health Office, said the victim’s relatives believe she died as the result from eating at the restaurant as she had no prior medical condition. The post-mortem examination found the deceased woman’s nervous system had been infected with streptococcus bacteria. 

Streptococcus is a type of bacteria with common symptoms including fever and a sore throat. It can be found in raw and undercooked meats and fish. Normally, it is non-life threatening to healthy people, but dangerous to organ transplant patients and people with congenital disease. 

Health authorities have not confirmed that the bacteria were the cause of death. Nevertheless, a thorough health inspection has been conducted at the restaurant with its staff checked for possible signs of infection, Dr Surasing said. 

He said three other diners had shown similar symptoms.

He advised moo krata diners to ensure their meat is thoroughly cook before eating it and not use chopsticks which have touched the raw meat.

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