Clever parrot "teaches" the simple past

A very clever parrot shows us what it can do, giving us a chance to practice past forms of both regular and irregular verbs.

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Clever parrot "teaches" the simple past

Here is a fun video that I have used many times with English classes. It features  a clever parrot that responds to its owner commands. After we watch the video, we review, using the simple past tense, all of the things that we saw the parrot do. It is good practice in the use of regular verbs forms (adding "ed" to the end) verb forms and irregular verbs.

Try it. Watch the video and the make a list of things that the parrot did: You'll need to change the verb forms below to the past.

It ____________.

get up
roll over
do a flip
turn around
shake hands
putt the ball in
pick up the ball
put it in the basket

Pronunciation tip: In English we often join the final sound of one word with the first sound of the word that follows it. This is especially useful in making the pronunciation of past forms easier. For example, it is awkward to say "rolled over" as two separate words, but easy to say as "rolldover"

You can listen to me pronounce the past forms of the above expressions here:

Click button to listen to Past forms and rightclick to download

To further understand the past simple, read the chapter in Understanding English verb forms: The past simple

You can find a full description of Understanding English verb forms here:

You can buy the book online here:

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