Elephant gymnast

Perfect for Children's Day: A video clip of an elephant on a trampoline. Kids will want to see it again and again. Since elephants move slowly, it is a great opportunity to practice the progressive.

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Elephant gymnast

Note: Adults should watch "Video fun with the progressive" (http://bit.ly/SpJ85g) first to understand the concept behind the English "progressive", but you can skip the explanations when it comes to kids.

Here is a video clip that is guaranteed to be popular with young children. They will want to see it again and again.
Adults will like it too.

Although it looks quite real, it is obviously an animation because no elephant in real life is quite a talented as the elephant in the video. Elephants move slowly, so it gives teachers and students are great opportunity to practice progressive forms of the verbs.

Watch it once and decide how you can describe the elephant’s actions.

Here’s a possibility:

The elephant is walking, walking, walking, walking, etc.
The elephant is getting on the trampoline.
It is beginning to jump.
It is jumping, jumping, jumping, higher and higher.
It’s doing a somersault (turning over in the air ตีลังกา).
It’s doing another somersault.
It’s somersaulting, somersaulting
Now it’s walking home

To further understand the progressive, read the chapter in Understanding English verb forms: The progressive

You can find a full description of Understanding English verb forms here:


You can buy the book online here:



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