Neilsen: Thais love new stuff

The Neilsen ratings firm on Wednesday confirmed that Thais are the most enthusiastic shoppers in Asia for new food and drinks.

A full 97% of Thai shoppers have purchased newly launched food or beverage products in the past six months, according to a press release on Wednesday by Nielsen Thailand Communications.

Eight out of 10 have purchased more than four such items, the release claimed.

The Nielsen survey, conducted through the internet, covered more than 29,000 respondents in 58 countries.

It showed that while Thais are willing to try new products, they also have brand loyalty.

"Sixty-eight per cent prefer to buy new products from a familiar brand," the survey showed. Just three out of 10 Thais are actually willing to switch brands, even after trying new products. Just "one-third are willing to pay more for new innovation," it said.

Thais also are the only Asians in the survey who said that they usually buy a new product because they see it in the store. In all other countries in the region, word of mouth from friends and family plays a more important role.

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