Hunt on for lost Ayutthaya king

An ancient stupa in Myanmar will be excavated later this month to verify if it contains the relics of an Ayutthaya king.

Led by the Association of Siamese Architects, eight experts, including architects and archaeologists, will excavate the stupa in search of ashes, relics and other artefacts that could verify if the stupa is the burial site of King Uthumporn.

The site, in Amanapura township, about 20km from Mandalay, is likely to be demolished as part of an urban development project, the research team said.

Scholars have long debated whether the location is the burial site of King Uthumporn, who reigned briefly during the Ayutthaya period.

He abdicated and was believed to have been taken to Myanmar after a war with Siam in 1767, and later died in captivity in 1796.

The excavation will be carried out from later this month untill March 16.

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