FDA warns of used cooking oil

Popular food deep fried in old oil were discovered to be contaminated with a substance dangerous to health, the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) said on Tuesday.

The warning followed its random inspections of 5,995 food items such as deep-fried chicken, sausages, fried chips, meatballs and pork snacks at markets across the country last year. Almost 10 per cent of food tested by officials had polar compounds exceeding the limit at 25 per cent of the used oil.

The agency said foods cooked with oil exceeding the standard were mostly found at wet and makeshift markets in Bangkok and upcountry.

Overheating or over-using cooking oil can cause polar compounds, putting consumers at risk for cancer, high blood pressure and other health problems, according to the FDA.

The 25 per cent limit on polar compounds in used oil took effect on March 13 to better protect consumers. Vendors violating the rule are subject to fines up to 10,000 baht.

The agency said its inspectors will join hands with provincial health officials to randomly sample re-used cooking oil at markets again to ensure that sellers comply with the new rules.

The FDA and Public Health Ministry have sets of polar testers for sale to vendors who wish to measure the substances in their oil.

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