Guard brutally assaulted in university

A security guard at Ramkhamhaeng University was savagely beaten by seven students after he refused to let two of them park in an area reserved for staff, Post Today reported on Wednesday.

A security guard was beaten by a group of students at Ramkhamhaeng University on Wednesday.

A picture of the injured guard, employed at the Hua Mak campus and named only as Sahachart, was posted on social media and online forums.

According to the posts, two students assaulted the security guard on Sunday morning after he asked them not to park in an area reserved for university officials and professors. The young men emerged from their car and started beating him, according to the poster.

People who were nearby made the students stop attacking the man, saying he was just doing his job.

The two men left the car parked in the restricted area and stalked off. The security guard took a picture of the vehicle and noted down the licence number.

Around noon, the security officer was eating lunch at a university cafeteria when seven students approached and began punching and kicking him.

The guard ran for his life but was cornered and brutally assaulted by the students.

People who witnessed the attack said the students used wooden bats and beat him savagely.

His head was bashed in and his arms and legs were broken. The assailants dispersed after onlookers yelled for help.

The guard later told police that one of the men pointed a gun to his head and threatened to take his eyes out.
He said he begged them for mercy and told them that he has a family to look after.

He was rushed to a hospital and remains in critical condition.

Online posters are pressuring the University’s officials to investigate. Those responsible should be harshly punished, posters said.

Police said they have begun an investigation and will bring those involved in for questioning.

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