Truck water fights banned for Songkran

Drenching battles carried out by people on the back of trucks during the heady days of Songkran are now history as authorities have banned all vehicles from carrying water for the duration of the festival.

Revellers will not enjoy water-splashing on pickup trucks as water is banned from vehicles during the Songkran holiday. (File photo by Somchai Poomlard)

The order came during a meeting of the Road Safety Centre on Thursday to reduce fatalities during the forthcoming Thai New Year holiday.

Strictly targeted by the police over the long weekend will be water carried by vehicles, driving under the influence, speeding, overloaded vehicles and other violations, Deputy Interior Minister Chat Kuldilok said after the meeting.

The tightened regulations will be enforced from April 11-17 to curb the number of road injuries and fatalities during this year's festival, he added.

The official Songkran holiday will be from April 12-16.

The average number of accidents during the period over the past three years was 470, according to the Highway Police. There were 859 fatalities and 10,608 injuries caused by road accidents during Songkran from 2009-2011, according to the National Statistics Office.

The organisation revealed that the most common cause of accidents was alcoholic impairment.

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