Introducing Gmail Blue

It’s April 1, so you just knew Google would make a major product announcement. This year it’s Gmail Blue and if that is not enough, try Google Treasure Maps. Details and videos here.

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Google always has something special on April 1. Our main story today gave two examples (, but the big news of the day has to be Gmail Blue. And, if that is not enough, check out Google Maps’ new treasure hunt option (Video at the bottom of the page).

Introducing Gmail Blue

Gmail Blue was part of the initial conception for Gmail when it was launched. At the time, the technology was simply not there.

The culture of Google really is to incorporate moon-shot thinking to every project.

It has taken us six years to develop the technology to achieve Gmail Blue.

Our major challenge was how do we make this intimate, intuitive, realistic and organic.

In trying to bring email into the 21st century, we are faced with the challenge how do we completely redesign and recreate something while keeping it exactly the same. The answer is Gmail Blue.

You click on “compose,” the button “compose” blue. The word “compose” itself blue. “Boldface” is blue, “underline” is blue, “italics” is blue as well.

You write in the body of the email, the font comes up blue. You don’t have to make it blue, it is blue. It just is blue.

The little lines, they’re in blue. You go into “help”, it’s blue.

It’s Gmail, only bluer.

We experimented with a lot of different colours. We tried orange, brown. Brown was a disaster. We tried yellow…

The inspiration of blue came from nature….

Ocean, sky blue whales.

A blue that was reminiscent of nature but better than what nature created.  Gmail Blue, is…it just opens a lot of doors that haven’t been opened before.

I think the first thought that’s going to come  to the end-users mind is “I can’t believe I waited this long for this”.

initial – early; first  เบื้องต้น
conception – an idea about what something is like  ความคิด
launch – to start a new public service เริ่มโครงการ, เริ่มต้น
culture – the customs and beliefs, art, way of life and social organization of a particular country or group วัฒนธรรม
incorporate – to include something so that it forms a part of something ซึ่งรวมเข้าเป็นหนึ่งเดียวกัน
moon-shot thinking – imagining the latest and greatest ideas using technology
initimate – private and friendly and makes you feel relaxed and comfortable  คุ้นเคย, ที่เป็นส่วนตัว
intuitive – easy to use because the process of operating it is very obvious โดยการหยั่งรู้, เข้าใจง่าย
realistic – based on facts and situations as they really are ซึ่งปฏิบัติได้จริง, เป็นจริง, เป็นไปได้
organic – consisting of different parts that all fit together well เป็นองค์ประกอบ
century – a period of one hundred years ศตวรรษ
challenge – something that needs a lot of skill, energy, and determination to deal with or achieve สิ่งที่ท้าทาย, การท้าทาย
recreate – to make something exist again  สร้างใหม่
disaster – a complete failure
inspiration – someone or something that gives you new ideas or enthusiasm to do something แรงบันดาลใจ
reminiscent – similar to something else, reminding you of people or experiences in your past  ซึ่งเตือนให้นึกถึง; เตือนความทรงจำ,ระลึกถึง
end-user – someone uses a product, especially a computer or a piece of software

Google Maps Treasure mode

What else is new? If you use Google Maps today, will see a new option. This video will explain.

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Writer: Terry Fredrickson
Position: Education Marketing and Support Manager