Child star

One the world's cutest animals, a resident of the Samphran Elephant Ground & Zoo, tells its story in really easy English. (Photo by Patipat Janthong.)

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This story was originally published in May, 2013.

Child star

Hi everyone. I live at the Samphran Elephant Ground & Zoo (ลานแสดงช้างและฟาร์มจระเข้สามพราน). I'm only a kid, but I'm the star. (Photos by Bangkok Post photographer Patipat Janthong.)

Everyone who comes here wants to see me.

Meeting so many people every day is hard work and, after a while, I get sleepy. I have to lay down and take a nap.

That's better.

Hi again. I'm back and I'm wide-awake. It's time to play "Who's the cutest animal in the whole world?"

Do you know the answer? It's me!!!!

child – a young human who is not yet an adult เด็ก
kid – (informal) a child or young person  เด็ก (คำไม่เป็นทางการ)
nap – a short sleep, usually during the day การงีบ
awake – not asleep ตื่น, ไม่หลับ
wide-awake – very awake, not sleepy at all ตื่นตัวเต็มที่
cute – pretty and attractive น่ารัก
cutest – most cute น่ารักที่สุด

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