Sneak Peek

The two new interns, Leeann and Jayna, have begun working on their next article, which should take all week. It has picked up the attention of the staff, as it is quite a controversial topic. Here’s a short sneak peek.

What does Harvard have to do with this upcoming article?

We presented an idea to Terry Fredrickson, our advisor for the week, and he thought it was a worthwhile article. After sharing the idea to other Bangkok Post editors, they seemed to also be quite interested in the story, as they actually hadn’t heard much about it.

Hard at work in our spacious office.

However, we couldn’t dive head first into writing the article without the factual evidence and confirmation we needed to support the issue. To do this, we contacted numerous sources such as university admissions officers – including Harvard and Tufts – as well as contacting counselors from International schools located in Bangkok. This is all a prerequisite to the article. Without the sources to confirm the issue, there would be no backbone of the piece.

You might be asking, well what is the article about then? That’s all to be revealed, hopefully, by the end of the week.

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Writer: Jayna Milan
Position: Trainee