Strange Facebook pages of Thailand

Cats can fly, dogs of 7-11, cute security guards, Asoke Cat, girls who work at banks & ladyboy SexyPancake.

From the "Cats Can Fly" Facebook page (Source: Facebook)


We unearth 10 Thai Facebook pages dedicated to strange stuff


Pornchai Sereemongkonpol

From the 7-11 Dogs Facebook page (Source: Facebook)


In Thailand, there's one 7-Eleven store in every neighbourhood and if you're lucky, there will be at least one homeless dog that practically eats, sleeps, and lives in front of the store as well. This everyday phenomenon is enabled only because Thais are pretty relaxed about soi dogs and human integration. Go to Mah Nah Seven ( for a collection of pictures of dogs that call various 7-Eleven stores across the country their homes. There are a lot of pictures of dogs sleeping while probably wishing the doors would open more frequently so they would get cold air from inside. The page also includes pictures of random cute dogs.


Sure, we've all walked past a hot stranger and thought, "I wouldn't mind hitting that." But when you think he or she deserves more attention than that (and to confirm that your taste in beautiful people is universal), the only sane thing left to do in this age of social media is to create a Facebook page to promote your new crush.

The case in point is a Facebook page dedicated to Jakkaphan "Got" Nupho. Got, who will soon turn 17, works for Chiang Mai University as a security guard and apparently someone thinks he's cute enough to deserve a Facebook following ( He doesn't even know how to use Facebook, by the way.

Reportedly, the attention Got has received caused his girlfriend to become jealous and his boss to move him to another place as fans kept asking to take pictures with him, interrupting his work. Got has said that both stories are just rumours. At the time of writing, the page has received over 80,000 likes and it was only created on Jul 8. At this rate, we believe he will rival James Jirayu very soon. The page also features pictures of other cute security guards from different parts of Thailand.

Run a similar page to promote yourself if you think you're an undiscovered dara.


The famous Asoke Cat in front of Asoke Skytrain station (Source: Facebook)

We're sure your average celebrity doesn't want you to rub their belly while they're sleeping but there's one star who doesn't mind that at all. His name is Asoke Cat and, yes, he's a random cat (albeit cuter and cleaner than your average homeless feline). Asoke Cat takes residence at the connection point between BTS Asok and MRT Sukhumvit. He seems to be there all day and every time we visit Terminal 21 we can't resist rubbing his soft belly. You can follow him on his Facebook page ( which has garnered over 30,000 likes since it was started in the middle of May. The admin of the cat's Facebook page requests that you shouldn't bother the cat while it is sleeping, don't use a flash when taking photos and be gentle with it. It also has a Twitter account ( What does it have to say? I ate a rat today?

We think you can create a similar page to protect a soi dog you befriended and saved from being abducted and turned into meat.


Gents, when you go to a bank, you probably want to be in and out of there as quickly as possible. However, there are some pretty ladies who work at various banks that may make you want to deposit your money there more frequently. Chomrom Khon Rak Sao Bank ( gathers pictures of pretty bank ladies along with their nicknames and workplaces. Beautiful women who know how to manage money are quite a catch, if you ask us. Started in Aug last year, the page has received almost 13,000 likes.


From the SexyPancake Facebook page (Source: Facebook)

While some ladies like to post selfies on Facebook after getting perfectly dolled up to garner likes, a ladyboy from Khon Kaen named Niwat "Nheng" Saengmor, better known as Sexy Pancake, is ready to flaunt her (arguable) beauty and make people happy at the same time. Her pictures can be found on Sexy Pancake page ( which was created in May. It is the brainchild of herself and an amateur ladyboy photographer named Sura "Su" Narin. Su was just started to use Facebook and asked Nheng to be her model for fun. Su named her Sexy Pancake after the nickname of famous Thai actress Khemmanij. Sexy Pancake poses seductively in different countryside settings such as a pond, tractor, or asphalt road. Fans say her pictures brighten up their days with laughter. Nheng's day job is an assistant at a beauty salon but we think she will soon start doing greater things after receiving so much media attention. She is about to publish a biography and her Facebook page now has over 761,000 likes.


We all know that cats can't fly unless you throw them in the air. However, some Thais adore the grace, coolness and cuteness of a cat's leap so much they think it deserves a Facebook page. Go to Maew Pen Sad Bin Dai or "Cat Can Fly" ( to see a collection of cats jumping in different places around the world.

We think someone should also compile other funny animal pictures such as wind in a dog's face, a dog pretending to drive a car, or a dog in a motorcycle basket.

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