Be a reporter: Wind storm batters Satreeprasertsin School in Trat

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Motorcycles were swept up and scattered by the fierce wind. Photo by Arkhom Suwanprasert

Note: This is the type of news report we would love to have from teachers and students around the country when a news event happens at your school or in your community. Let us know when something happens. We can help you write the story. This story was originally published on September 17, 2013.

Wind storm batters Satreeprasertsin School in Trat

Mrs. Sumalee  Sirisuksomp,
English Program Coordinator 
Satreeprasertsin School, Trat

Teachers and students of Satreeprasertsin School were shocked when a sudden wind storm struck, injuring students and damaging school facilities and classrooms.

Around 3.30 p.m. on Tuesday, September 10th, while teachers and students were carrying out their school activities, a big wind storm erupted. It started at the front of the school and blew straight through the school halls where there were about 100 students. Some students were injured while trying to close the shutters.

The biggest tree in the school was blown down onto a teacher’s car which parked in front of a school building. Photo by Weeraphat Phimubol

The wind storm hit the building fiercely. Most of the trees surrounding the school were blown down onto pavilions, pathways and even onto some of the teacher’s cars that were parked in front of the school buildings.

The teachers and students were frightened and surprised at this unexpected force of nature. They ran frantically to escape and hide from the wind.

Within a matter of five seconds, many things were damaged. The walls on the third story of one building were heavily damaged and the roof was partially destroyed.

Nine students were sent to the hospital for medical attention. Some were hurt by shattered glass blown out of windows.

 One of the classrooms was badly damaged while there were students inside. Photo by Watcharaphorn Muansaen

Mr. Weerasak Wannarat the director of Satreeprasertsin School estimated the damage at over two million baht

“Thanks to the emergency response team from our local institutes and government agencies for their help. It will take time for the rehabilitation process and to finish the reconstruction needed in our beloved school,” he said.

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